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Earl Grey, Peach Tea, Candy Like


Producer: Chelelektu Washing Station
Region: Kochere, Gedeo
Varietal:  74110, 74112
Process: Natural
Elevation: 2000 - 2200 MASL



The Chelelektu station is located one hour south of Yirgacheffe on the eastern side of Gedeb Village entering the beautiful forest lands of Kochere. With a total of 650 farmers delivering red cherries from surrounding areas, Kochere is home to a collection of smallholder farmers totaling 6,000 hectares of coffee. The average farm size in Gedeo is two hectares and producers cultivate a range of heirloom coffee varieties mainly coming from the Jimma research center where 74110 and 74112 resistant highland varieties were discovered.


Price paid to the Farmer: ETB 28 / kg cherry
Price FOB: $ 7.71 / kg