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Please note that this coffee this coffee didn't meet our quality standards upon arrival. Coffee wasn't as vibrant and scored a few points lower than the sample we received. So we sell it at a low price than dispose it.


Citrus, Herbals, Rhubarb


Producer: Baragwi FCS
Region: Nyeri
Varietal:  SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800 masl


Ndaroini is a place of rest in the Swahili language. The Ndaroini group chose this name because they traveled long distances to deliver their cherries. After days of picking on their farms, they had to walk hours with their bags of cherries to the Gichathaini washing station. They couldn’t stay for the night and had to walk back to their place of rest, Ndaroini.

The group has two hero’s; the late Geoffrey Mugetha and Muthoni Maathai. In 1984, these chairmen came to terms with the government to give them 2.5 acres of land to build the washing station. In the harvest of ’84, the Ndaroini opened their washing station: to this day, one of the most celebrated in Nyeri County.

Price paid to FCS: $ 1/kg cherries