Hario V60 by Christian Lie


Q: You have been actively competing since 2017 and Hario V60 seems to be your ‘weapon of choice’, why do you prefer V60?

A: V60 gives me a great freedom to express wide range of flavor. The large hole at the bottom helps the water easily pass through the coffee, so the pouring speed directly affects the extraction. I can make subtle changes to my resulting brew by varying pouring pattern and flow rate, which is harder to do with the restricted flow type of brewer.


Q: Beside roasting and brewing coffee, you also like to conduct a private class or coffee brewing workshop. Why do you like to share you secret ‘recipe’?

A: My happiness is found in sharing with others. I find joy in helping other baristas/home brewers to expand their knowledge and technique to improve their daily coffee experience.



Hario V60 Recipe by Christian Lie

Coffee 15g
Water 250g
(Brewing Ratio of 1:16)

Grind size 27 clicks on Comandante hand grinder
Nestle water 95 degree C

00:00 Pour 40g in 10s, let bloom
00:40 Pour 140g
01:20 Pour to 200g
02:00 Pour to 250g
03:00-03:15 Finish