When is your roasting days? 

We are roasting our coffees every Tuesday and Wednesday. Unless there's a national holiday or we're off to do something great.


Will my coffee still be fresh when its arrive?

We want you to get the freshest coffee possible. Therefore, we usually ship the following day after roasting days for coffee that we don't have in stock. Usually they are not more than 14 days when we sent it.

Since we are roasting using Loring S15 that introduces less oxygen when roasting, our coffee maintains its freshness slightly longer than usual. We've found that our coffee are still holding its vibrancy even after 4 weeks.


Do you sell ground coffee?

Well.. we can help you with that. Just let us know what brewing method you are using at home and we can accommodate that. However, please note that ground coffee is very prone. Like super prone. It will become stale super quick. :)


What recipe best to brew the coffee?

Depending on your brewing device, but we always start with 1:15 - 1:16 brew ratio. We found any ratio below that are not showing the coffee's true potential.

We normally use 14g of ground coffee to 210-215g of water (93-94 degree Celcius works fine for most of our coffees). For the brewing time, we enjoy it between 2:30 - 2:45.

If you prefer it to be stronger, you can longer the brewing time by making adjustment with slightly finer grind setting.