Back then most people in Bandung drank coffee that was bitter and lacked of acidity. Inspired by our trips to Melbourne, Berlin and Copenhagen, we found that coffee is way more interesting than that. Some of the best coffees that we had there have vibrant acidity, fruit-forward, sweet and very clean. We then tried to bring those impression back to our hometown.

We opened our doors in 2013 as a specialty coffee cafe. Since the first day day we always strive to provide better quality coffee to our neighborhood.

Our approach is simple, we begin with sourcing the best possible green coffee available. We roast our coffee in small batches to unlock the characteristics to its full potential, without adding much of roast flavours. We do carefully brew each cup to assure we deliver those exceptional coffees to you.

Drop in to our place for coffee, chat or anything. We look forward to see you in our place.